Awesome Temple in Kamakura

Took my bike out yesterday for a ride over to Kamakura.

When I get close to Kamakura and look over the beach area, I always see this one copper roof in the distance. As you may not know, Kamakura, Japan is similar to Kyoto Japan but much closer to Tokyo. Kamakura is a “holy” city, there are countless Temples and Shrines of all sizes scattered throughout the region. All this ancient, history, It really is something to see first hand.

Anyways getting back to this roof in the distance. Today I decided to find out what is this place, so I made the trek over.

All I can say is Wow – Just when I thought I’ve seen it all, this Temple was just something else – Over 800 years old.

I’m gonna get back here one day once the rainy season ends and take some proper pics.


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