Beach Houses – Kamakura

This time of year it’s damn HOT in Japan!

I’m not talking about just the temperature, I’m say with the humidity (80 to 100%) it’s feeling like 40 plus celsius, day and night.

So, what to do?  Well if you’re lucky enough to live in Shonan like me, you get your butt down to the beach man!

This day I decided to check out the beach houses in Kamakura city’s beach – Yuigahama Beach. Luckily for me it was a weekday so there wasn’t the crowds normally found during holidays and the weekends. The beach houses (Bars) looked quite respectable compared to the watering holes in my neighbourhood. Still, it was to hot (not to mention I was riding my bike) to sit out on a beach house deck and suck back beers.

Anyway, 4 more weeks of this heat before we get the good stuff.



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