Job Interview in English





This is the first of many online courses I have planned focusing on the challenges of; Being Interviewed in English.

This particular course contains a two part video (U.K. English) developed by recruiting specialists in the UK that will introduce you to typical interview questions and suggested answers. This series is a good companion to our private session study material. The two main things I really like is; the spoken English is U.K. English (something different that listening to me all the time 🙂 ) and that the interview examples and suggestions are of good value and should prove helpful.

This is excellent training for listening comprehension with the bonus of valuable advice when being interviewed in English.


Lesson 1

Video – Typical job interview questions and suggested answers from the pro’s. Take your time as much of the vocabulary is very UK centric.


Lesson 2

What NOT to say in a job interview. – These apparently are real examples of what some people have said in job interviews – unbelievable stuff.


At this time there will be no quizzes for the above lessons