Watch a cool movie and tell me the story









アップロードするファイルの種類は doc, pdf, txt and any type of audio file; mp3, affなどなんでもかまいません。


I have uploaded a selection of some cool short films.

Here is your challenge, choose a movie then watch it and….either write a review or recored your review (voice) then upload your file for me to check. If your story needs grammar help, I will tell you at our next session.

Check out the lessons below, each lesson contains a short movie (about 125 to 200 MB in size).

Have fun, watch the movie and then upload your written or audio review about the movie:

  • what was it about?
  • what was the message?
  • what did you think of the movie?


You can uplaod any type of file such as; doc, pdf, txt and any type of audio file; mp3, aff….

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