Don't waste your time with EREV English School Japan!

Don’t waste your time with EREV English School Japan!

This is VERY unprofessional company.

Signed up with these guys recently had a bad felling about them right after the interview. I should have listened to my gut and dropped them. Anyway, received an email from them regarding a potential student in Ofuna. Now, Ofuna is NOT in my territory but as a customer service I was up for it. I asked EREV for additional information about the student before I commit. Unlike all the other GOOD agencies they declined to give my any student info whatsoever. Okay, no problem as I don’t have any idea about what the student needs actually are I declined, so they fired my ass. :)

There are many good agencies in Japan for recruiting English students such as; and Enjoy-lesson.

Competition for experienced Native English speakers / teachers in Japan can be fierce, there are many options out there however, in my humble opinion EREV English School is NOT one of them.

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