“Elite” Tokyo salon results at Yokohama Prices

Unless you WANT to have a crewcut or look like a skinhead, getting a good haircut in Japan is REALLY difficult. If you look at the average foreigner here in Japan, the guys have very short hair  and the girls cuts, nothing special at all. Why is that?

The thing is, the majority of Japanese salons can’t help you. Mostly it’s language barrier but also it’s  just that Japanese hair stylists are not familiar with Gaijin hair. Trust me, you go into one and you will come out, well what’s the word? Ah yes, Disappointed.

But there is hope, I found a fantastic shop in Yokohama – Afrodita

The salon is owned and operated by Yoshiko Morimoto ( 12 plus years experience in USA & UK top level salons) who really knows her stuff. For all you guys out there in Tokyo, Yokohama check her out. You won’t be disappointed.




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