Glasses in Japan are stylish and inexpensive

Time for a change, glasses wise.

So I headed out to my local mall (Terrace mall) to hunt down a new pair. I ended up at JINS which is one of the bigger eye glass shops in Japan. For all you guys in Canada that pay $200.00 plus for frames and another $100.00 plus for lenses you might want to pay attention.

However here in Japan buying eye glasses is a joy!

From $79.00 frames and lenses included, made to order in 30 mins – PLUS if your eye prescription changes within two years they will update and change the lenses for FREE!!! 🙂

In my case I had to pay an extra $40.00 for the; JINS Colour Control Lens – My total about $120.00 including tax. At that price I can change my frames every year – gotta like that!

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