Hey GP! Where did you get your Avatar?

Okay, since you asked I’ll going tell you.

If you want to create your own funky avatar and link it to your email address – Start here first – Face Your Manga

After you have created your masterpiece then head over to Gravatar and add your new every to cool and original avatar to your email address. Now when you log into your account at my website you totally cool avatar will be displayed. It will also be displayed anywhere in the internet that you have posted your email address.

You are now so cool! 😉

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  1. mayu
    mayu says:

    Hi GP,

    Thanks for sharing the info 🙂 I just created my avatar with Face Your Manga! You probably won’t recognize it cuz it doesn’t look like me at all 😛 Though it was fun creating it. Cool tool!

  2. GP
    GP says:

    So kool – Good stuff! 🙂 Watch out for “Face Your Manga”, it’s so much fun you can easily get hooked on it. And once your friends see your avatar be prepared, cuz they’re gonna bug you to make one for them 😉


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