How was lunch at the Mall?

Well all I can say is…

Uber YUMMY man!

It rained big time a few days ago so rather than getting all wet walking down the street for a bite, we headed off to Terrace Mall in Tsujido. When I was back in Canada, the mall was the last place you would find me, especially going there to have a meal.

What are ya nuts?

In Japan it’s a whole different ballgame. First thing, the mall’s are NOT full of fat and obnoxious suburban slobs. Nope, the people are relaxed and basically they are your typical well mannered Japanese. It’s actually quite pleasant. Now for the food, another huge difference. We all know what passes as food in North American malls so I won’t go there. However, in Japan, the malls have restaurants serving Japanese food like you have never seen or tasted before. It’s the real MacCoy and it’s damn tasty and the bonus…it’s reasonably priced.

Oh, and what’s lunch without having a scoop or two?

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