I just wanted to chillax with a donut and coffee

You can bitch about the crowds and say what you want about the crappy beer but, one thing for sure is that Japanese service is by far the BEST in the world. However, sometimes the service goes a little to far and becomes more of pain in the rear. Take for example my latest trip to Mr. D’s for a quiet cup of coffee and maybe a donut or two. Alas, it was a NOT a quiet and relaxing moment for the GP, it was Japanese service run amuck.



If you think those irritating Minnie Mouse voices you hear are just some nasty bad mannered little brats you’d be wrong.  Nope, that’s the friendly staff of Mr.D’s you hear. Yes sir, they are welcoming you to their shop and letting you know (just in case you have an itch) about the days specials in C# minor and at 400 decibels! Santa Frick’n Maria

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