Important News – To All Blended Learning Members

Hey there Everyone!

As you know I’ve been none stop working on the Blended Learning system. Today I have big time news regarding the Student / Member Profile page.

Now when you log in to your account you are redirected to the index page. From here you can go to the top menu bar and under “Blended Learning” there is a sub-page “Student Profile”. Inside that page you can review all information about the courses, lessons and quizzes you have and have not yet taken.

This is so very cool 😉 – See the example below

Also now when you need to access your login profile, you can easily do that via the link (edit profile) under your picture. I hope you like the changes, because there’s more groovy stuff to come!


英語コミュニケーション - Gavin Parke ギャヴイン パーク-01F


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