Booking Gavin Parke:

You may book as many sessions as you like, please refer to the online calendar when making a reservation to avoid double bookings. If the date and time is not available, please contact Gavin directly to see if he can help.


Student Cancelation:

If you need to cancel an appointment with Gavin Parke it must be made 24 hours before the scheduled session. If made 24 hours before there will be no penalty/charge to the student. However, if you cancel same day or not show up for a session, the next session you will be charged full session price plus transportation fees for the missed session.


For missed online sessions ( Skype, FaceTime and LINE ) the online session fee will be deducted from your pre-paid account.

オンラインレッスン(Skype, FaceTime やLINE)のキャンセルに関しては、料金は口座から引き落とします。

If Gavin Cancels: If Gavin has to cancel a session, he must give 24 hours notice. If he cancels last minute and it’s not because of an emergency. Your next session will be NO CHARGE. This policy includes; Online sessions and private sessions.


Blended Learning: Please keep in mind all videos and media in the Blended learning modules are copy-write pending. Please do not download or copy any of the learning material.



Thanks everyone for your support!

Gavin Parke