My poor poor nipples :(

Uniqlo (Japan’s version of  The Gap) is well known in Japan as selling well made fashionable and relatively inexpensive clothes. They really have no competitors (The Gap is crap) and I have say that I buy from them regularly.

One of the most popular items they sell during the winter is the HEATTECH line… I don’t know how they really do it but these threads are made in a way that when you perspire, the garnets heat up therefore keeping you warm and toasty. And I’ll tell you what, they really do work!

I have a mother load of a collection; the socks, undershirts, gloves, long johns the works all from the truly incredible heattech line. Now I to can be warm and toasty just like the locals – I just love Heattech, wear them all the time.

But, with all things good there is a hidden evil that I have only recently discovered.

For the past few months I have had an very uncomfortable physical condition. A SEVERE case of itchy nipples. For all you Canadian folks out there it’s so bad it’s like up north during black fly season, when you see bears and moose running out of the bush screaming and gone mad from the biting flies. It’s something like that, gone mad.

Never had such a thing in the past, what was causing this condition? – The radiation from the nuclear plant? After all I’m quite sure I’ve been getting radiated since 311. Or maybe something in the water? Why? Coz every time I shower…holy mother of all things sacred, the itching was so bad I thought I’d go blind.

Because of my constant belly aching and whining, my better half fianlly took action. After 10 minters of hunting through the Japanese social networks, blogs and of course MIXI , the answer was found.

Guess what?

Uniqlo Heattech fabric indeed can cause a severe case of itchy nipples especially on us more “sensitive” types. It seems both guys and girls are effected equally, though it’s the guys complaining the most. Go figure?

Bye bye HEATTECH 🙁



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