November 27th Dinner Party Menu

Yummers! I just received the November 27th party menu from Tomoyuki-san of Allora-Bashamichi and it’s looking REAL good 🙂

I still have room for a few more guests, shoot me an email if you are interested in joining us for the first of many dinner parties to come.


Party Plan on Nov.27

Food Menu ( buffet style )

☆ Prosciutto and Salami 3 types Prosciutto Parma , Mortadella , Salame Ungherese

☆ Salad

☆4 types of Appetizers

・Seafood Marinade with garlic vinaigrette and seaweeds

・Chicken and Italian salami rolled with sun-dried tomatoes; served with Paprika sauce.

・Baked Risotto topped with Parmesan cheese; served with spicy tomato sauce.

・Italian Olive ☆ Meat

・Grilled Chicken with Herb garlic potatoes

☆ Pizza 2 types

Pizza Margherita and Pizza Bianca

☆ 2 types Pastas (long pasta and short pasta) Spaghetti Basil and Tomato sauce

Short pasta with a tangy meat sauce

☆ Desert

Italian Pancake ‘Panettone’

Drink Menu

・Sparkling wine 3L Magnum bottle ・Beer
・Red or White wine
・Cocktail (3~4types)

・Non Alcohol drink



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