Oil change for my ride

We are really lucky here in Japan when it comes to choosing a car, we have ’em all.

In my case I drive a Keijidōsha also known as a K-car.

Gotta love these cars; inexpensive, reliable, Japanese built quality and cheap to operate. For example today’s oil change and filter costs me around $20.00. Cripity crap that’s more than lunch! A few other trinkets  – Yearly insurance for two (one a new driver) $200.00 – Fill up with reg gas every 6 weeks – $45.00 (gets a zillion miles to the gallon), highway toll fees are cheaper, parts are cheap (backup light bulb repaired by the dealer…$10.00) and the list goes on and on.

Loving my Daihatsu all 660 cc’s of her!

Anyways after the oil change it’s off to down some noodles – that’s my day here in Shonan, Japan


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