Recording your voice on your; iPad, iPhone, Android or a Mac

Attention:  To all Blended Learning Members :

Very exciting news! – Today I have added the ability for you to upload you lesson assignments as recorded audio (mp3) files.

The oh so cool thing about this, is that now you can answer; lesson, topic and quiz questions verbally as well as written. This means, I can help you even more by coaching, correcting both your writing and speaking assignments online as well as privately at our sessions.

In the very near future (up coming courses) you will be able to; learn new English Vocabulary, American Idioms and Business English Communication skills. PLUS practice your; listening comprehension, writing skills, and speaking – All Privately online.

Question – How do I record my voice? Can I use a iPhone?, iPad? or Mac?

I snooped around online and found a few websites below. As a Mac / iPhone and iPad guy I found a few sites that have a variety of apps reviewed. For my Mac, iPhone & iPad clients, if you need help please let me know.

As for you Android folks I have not forgotten you, please see the links below.

Stay tuned more Gavin Parke Blended Learning news to come!



iPhone and iPad Reordering Apps

Below are links to websites that have reviewed the best apps

10 Best Voice Recorder Apps for iPhone

The New Best voice recorder apps for iPhone, iPad

Android Apps

Below are links to websites that have reviewed the best apps

6 Best Voice Recorder Apps for Android to Track Your Meetings

6 Best Free Android Voice Recorder App

How to Record your voice on your Mac

Below are a couple of links

How to record quick, easy screencast videos with Mac OSX

How to Record Sound on a Mac the Easy Way with QuickTime


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