The Sunritz Hattori Museum of Arts – Suwa, Nagano

I took a 1-day Golden week vacation yesterday and I travelled to Suwa, Nagano.

My first long trip outside of Shonan but with the help of many of you I was able to get there without any major mishaps.

Suwa is a beautiful little town on the shore of Lake Suwa, Nagano. Surrounded by mountains it was a far different view from what I have grown accustomed to back in Shonan. The mountains are awesome.

I visited the Sunritz Hattori Museum of Arts hoping to view their display of priceless “wabi sabi” tea ceremony utensils. I was SO lucky as I got a tour of the museum from the Curator Ms. Yoko Kishida and the Manager Mr. Hisakazu Sawai. As Ms. Kishida speaks flawless English I was able to learn so much more about rich history of the items currently on display. As everyday goes by the more I learn about Japanese culture, and as I learn, the more I want to learn. When does it all end? 🙂

I must say though, I had A Wonderful time!



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