Took my Canadian visitors to dinner in Ginza

My very good friends; Hugh and his wife Cathy just arrived in Japan for a vacation. I haven’t seen them in many years so I was blown away by their visit.

What a mega great trip they have planned – They will be travelling all over Japan – In 13 days they will see; Tokyo – Hakone – Mt. Fuji – Matsumoto – Takayama – Kyoto – Hiroshima and Osaka. Man oh man, what a awesome trip!

So last night was the only night we could hook up. With the uber fantastic help from my friend Cheiko-san, we picked them up from their hotel and took them via the subway to my favourite Yakitori restaurnat in Ginza – Torigin

They really liked the train! Took bags of pictures – In fact we all had a blast and a good time was had by all.

Thanks Cheiko-san for your help!! I’m so lucky to have you as my friend – I know, I know my co called Japanese skills are lacking big time. I have to start studying Japanese again – Anyone out there know a good Japanese teacher in Shonan? 🙂


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