June Party 2018

Party SWAG from Ruth Jarman

In between sessions this morning I met up with Ruth Jarman in Kita Kamakura.

I wanted to pickup the Party SWAG that Ruth and Enospa so generously gifted to everyone who attends our party. Included is an Enospa Day Pass that you can use anytime from now up until August 2017. There are a few other surprises as well.

A BIG thank you to Ruth Jarman of Jarman International and the folks at Enospa!

See you June 17th!🍷🍽🎹😬👍


Tea Ceremony Class and Nihonbuyo

Coming up January 6th in Kita Kamakura, Tea class and Nihonbuyo ( Japanese traditional dance).

Fot more information please contact Yoshiko-san at; yuekusa@inbound-japan.jp

It’s coming this December the 10th!




My friend Yuka-san invited Yoshiko-san and myself to Kita-Kamakura to check out this cool house she rents hidden up in the hills.

After climbing what must have been 9000 steps ( closer to 50 ) we reached this hidden gem. Surrounded by nature, with no visible neighbours it is an incredibly private and quiet location far away from the concrete jungle of Yokohama or worse…Tokyo. What a great place to just hang out!

While we were there a group of local high schools guys had their “cooking club” lunch and as luck would have it they asked if we would like to join them – As you all know, I never turn down a meal so of course I jumped in!

One thing though, I had to make my own lunch, something new for this guy. After a quick training course complimaents of the club, I to was cooking, well sort of –

Anyways, good time had bay all – I hope to return to MIRAIE soon👍


Kita Kamakura Hike

A couple of days ago I finally made the trek to Kita-Kamakura to do some hiking with the lads.

Unbelievably great time! 😬

Experienced another very special part of Japan and the bonus was along the way I met some wonderful people.

Below I slapped together a few pics from my collection of 200. There not in any particular order just a few memories of the day.



06月10日 Another GP Party at Allora this June 10th!











I’m back online!!

As many of you know, last month I moved into my new apartment in Kugenuma-Matsugaoka. All went well except for one important detail, my internet connection!

A month without internet!! (of course once in a blue moon I hooked up at Starbucks)

First I tried Wimax2 and it I’m sorry to say it was a disaster. Although it worked “OK” in Yokohama and Tokyo if failed miserably in my neighbourhood. I could never get more that 4 megs download and 1 megs upload speed. If you want to call that speed😒

Finally after many headaches and trouble I got hooked up (A Big thanks to Yoshimi-san!) with NTT Flet’s and Yahoo BB.

Now I have once again real speed! Oh yes, I am definitely a happy camper😬

So get ready!!! I’m back in business soon the coming days and weeks expect:

NEW books & super awesome pratice material

Brand new lesson plans; idioms, business, small talk…

Print outs...

…and a major overhaul of my online learning module that will contain more idioms than you can shake a stick at!

I’ve got a gut feeling 2016 is going to be another great year!